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about us

Riboldi Abita: a Landmark since 50 years

Our Team designs and fulfils home settings that show a great personality and this thanks to the expertise and assistance of the most distinguished manufacturing and hand-made brands now existing

Kitchens, furnishing for night and day locations, children and youngsters bedrooms, bathroom dcor, interior doors and partition systems, accessories for your house, office and outdoor settings. Materials and layers for inward finishing, upholstery, floor covering, curtains, decorative lightning are only some of the examples of what we can do to plan and implement a “turnkey service”.

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Since the sixties Riboldi Abita has worked with great success in this industry, giving its contribution to the progress of fashion design and trends over the years. The outcome is to have become a trademark in the home furnishing and interior design business in the area of Como, Varese and the Ticino district.

Riboldi Abita offers proposals that become the synthesis of the artisan “know how” and the technological innovation. Proposals destined to play a significant roll in the place where we spend most of our life: our home.

It is exactly at home where each one of us would like to express freely his/her own personality and taste, fully satisfying his/her own practical needs. This indeed has always been the approach and philosophy of Riboldi Abita: we have highly qualified staff that through its competence aims at understanding each customer’s need and finding the best custom made solutions.

Our technical staff is constantly at disposal to examine the architectural aspects of the project while our advisers supervise the design and executive works on the construction site. Our designers create artistic drafts which are able to reproduce on paper the diverse phases of the project, from the idea to the final result.
Our experienced assemblers strive to deliver and provide the best fitting within the scheduled times.


Riboldi Abita is in each aspect close to the customer: the constant interest and active role of the owners, together with their professionalism have always constituted an asset of our family run business, our aim has always been to reach the maximum level of customers satisfaction.
The products which Riboldi Abita offers derive from Companies which are leaders in the home furnishing sector and which can satisfy the most diverse demands. Innumerable solutions can be custom made: our staff will work out with you the most appropriate and personalized proposals within the expected budget.

Our technical personnel is capable of recreating with rendering programs, the image of the project’s outcome. This will allow customers to observe the transformations occurred to their house after our intervention and the implementation of new home interior decorations.
Moreover with the use of characteristic hand made drafts and colored perspectives, we offer realistic images of the final result.


The furnishings represent a guarantee of quality and are made to adhere to all current laws. Furthermore they carry a valid European warranty and an extension of it supplied by the head office.

The fitting, performed by our experienced and qualified personnel, is guaranteed with the highest efficiency and precision within the agreed schedule. In order to assist our customers at all times, Riboldi Abita offers a post-sale service which takes care of maintenance, moves, changes in the family unit.

An additional benefit that Riboldi Abita provides is the term loan Agos: a financing possibility with an interest rate that equals to zero. This option can be evaluated at the time we stipulate the contract.

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